Career at Letico

Our employees define LETICO's values


Our moral values serve as a benchmark to our choices and actions


Respect for our employees is at the heart of our management style


Teleworking and flexible hours, We listen to our employees to try and maintain a balance between work and personal life. We trust our employees


We believe in the talent of young graduates. Our interns are appreciated and, we make a special place for them among our team.
Social life = Teamwork

We organize social activities throughout the year to promote teamwork.

Work atmosphere

Our "state-of-the-art" designed offices foster a professional work environment that allows our employees to thrive and develop.

Stimulating projects

Each project at LETICO is different, each of them allows for the development of various  skills by promoting continuous learning.


  • Collective insurance

  • OIQ or other professional orders fee payement;

  • Family social activities such as Christmas party, a day at the sugar shack and Apple picking;

  • Monthly events with all employees, team building activities, etc.

Would you like to become  part of a highly skilled team and benefit from their knowledge of factory automation, process control and systems integration?

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