About Letico

Letico is a high technology Canadian company providing engineering services in industrial automation, process control and systems integration.

For over 35 years, Letico has been among the leaders in utilizing to the fullest the capabilities of the PLCs and PCs for Industrial Manufacturing automation, and controls. When the Internet added a major communication dimension to PCs, Letico incorporated this capacity in the process monitoring, and control solutions thus helping their customers in obtaining valuable production information.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality optimal engineering services and solutions, on time and on budget thus enhancing stakeholders’ value.

Letico’s Commitment

Through the years, Letico has developed particular strengths in implementing factory automation, process control and systems integration solutions. In order to meet our customer’s requirements, we continue to build on those strengths and invest in constant learning.

Letico maintains alliances with industry leaders who complement our strengths in developing the most cost-effective and reliable solution as per specified budget and schedule.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and helping you achieve your manufacturing and operational goals.

Letico’s Strengths

With the rapid evolution of distributed computing and now the much enhanced communication abilities provided by the Internet, the power of Industrial Automation and Process Control has grown in an exponential manner.

For Letico, witness and participant in this advancement, there were and continue to be specific challenges as well as opportunities. Letico hires skilled and knowledgeable personnel capable of working together to meet these challenges. In addition, we have invested time and energy in dissemination of information on what is available and possible. This growing body of knowledge is maintained within a company knowledge base (through a Wiki) and is accessible to all employees as they work with the customers on real-life applications. Combining the approach with mentor/mentee relationship is one of the key strengths that Letico has developed. The mentor’s role is to guide, to give advice, and to support the mentee in improving his or her abilities and skills.

Another recognized strength is the creativity and innovation developed by Letico’s team in cases where there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions.
Taken together, these qualities make Letico a suitable partner for companies wishing to integrate, install or modify their factory automation and process control systems.

Team Letico

The members of the Letico team are the company’s most valuable assets. That’s not the typical cliché and it hasn’t just happened by chance. They’re all highly qualified personnel who are carefully selected because of their knowledge of factory automation, process control and systems integration. It’s also important that they be good team players who can work well with our customers.

The factory automation field is in constant evolution and Letico is committed to maintain its position as a leader in the field. As a consequence, Letico is what might be called a learning organization where there is “on-going” training so that all employees are aware and conversational in current best practices, processes and products. Through customer projects all enjoy “hands-on” experience and there is a sharing of knowledge through the company knowledge base.

Because Letico provides an integrated solution starting with the engineering feasibility study through concept, detailing, commissioning, training and follow-up, Letico’s personnel benefit from a very special relationship with the customer. A deep mutual respect for one another develops, enabling Letico to provide quality solutions for present and future needs to its customers. All of the Letico’s employees are dedicated to successful project completion to entire customer satisfaction. The ability to provide customers with quality automation systems designed and implemented with proven and efficient methodology and engineering tools, is a major competitive advantage of Letico.

Letico’s way

Over the years, Letico has acquired considerable experience developing industrial automation and process control systems for both batch and discrete manufacturing processes.

Letico invests time and effort in applying the most current best industry practices. Many working in the field of industrial automation and process control would agree that these practices are now best defined through International Society of Automation (ISA) standards. ISA is a professional association that “sets the standard to improve the management, safety, and cybersecurity of modern automation and control systems used across industry and critical infrastructure”.

The standards are usually recommendations only. Applying ISA standards involve a great deal of discipline and require special knowledge on how to apply those. The resulting designs deliver efficiencies and long-term sustained economies.

Standards like ISA 95 (Enterprise-Control System Integration), ISA 88 (Batch Control) and ISA 99 (Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security) provide a well-defined base for design and integration of control systems in areas of industrial automation.

The ISA-95 standard defines interfaces between enterprise and production control systems.

ISA-88 is utilized for the control of batch processes but is often used for the control of discrete, continuous and hybrid processes as well.

ISA-99 addresses system level cyber security with the principal objective being to define system architecture designed to reduce the risks, including prevention or mitigation of cyber-attacks.


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