Custom Solutions for Petroleum Industries

Working in close co-operation with one of our Client, Letico has developed “fit-to-measure” solutions satisfying explicit requirements not usually available in off-the-shelf solutions provided by others.

Tank overfill protection
Safety Instrumented System (SIS) specifically designed for Tank Overfill Protection and based on API 2350 Fourth Edition provided for an operational and reliable “state of the art” independent safety system.

API Standard 2350 “Overfill Protection for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities” provided a description of the minimum requirements necessary to comply with modern best practices.

Hourly Reconciliation
In addition to Tank overfill protection and as per API 2350, the receipt of hydrocarbons to the bulk distribution terminals (marine, pipeline or vehicle/rail) must be monitored by operating personnel either on-site or at a remote monitoring center which oversees such receipts.

Semi-automatic implementation of Hourly Reconciliation procedure was realized thus helping the operating personnel ensure that tank volumes are delivered into selected tanks within the tolerances expected.

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