LE2: Letico Equipment Efficiency

Implementation of efficient production lines performing at optimal operational levels is gaining a great deal of attention. The need for increased profitability, reduced downtime and improved efficiencies are most powerful drivers for considering production line monitoring solutions capable of improving production output and impacting the bottom line. It is when the equipment efficiencies are measured and evaluated that lean and efficient line operations can be obtained.

Gathering the required data to analyze and track manufacturing processes could be a time consuming and overwhelming process. Only when this information is available, it allows organizations to set up the required goals and operational targets.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are representative of how well production lines are performing and thus, acquiring line monitoring parameters are indispensable in gaining efficiency goals.

LETICO Solution: LE2 Letico Equipment Efficiency

LE2 is a fully automated tool to help perform continuous improvements on production lines.

By acquiring real time data directly from the manufacturing equipment, LE2 automatically calculates the essential KPIs in real time and based on specific operational requirements, generates numerous tabular and graphical reports which are accessible via any web browser.

LE2 solution is a powerful low risk, high Return On Investment (ROI) tool that proves its capability to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Enhance productivity
  • Empower management decision making
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction

System Highlights

Data acquisition

  • Real-time data acquisition based on various equipment parameters and field sensors including:
    • Equipment status & faults
    • Production and reject counts
    • Production rate

Data storage

  • Long term archiving of locally collected data used in analysis and reporting
  • Specialized repository containing plant’s historical data stored in a non-volatile database including events’ dates and timestamps
  • Retained production history – existing records cannot be modified or deleted


  • Live reporting – data available “as it happens”
  • Standard and custom KPI’s calculations including:
    • Availability
    • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
    • MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
    • Quality and shrinkage
  • Production shift information
  • Accessible from any web browsers / mobile clients
  • Optional integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Key Benefits

Factory floor level

  • Elimination of costly and unreliable manual reporting
  • Production yields improvements
  • Diminution in unplanned downtime
  • Product quality gains
  • Enhancements of working methods

Executive level

  • Increased profitability
  • Rapid production lines overview
  • Production flexibility improvements
  • Prompt identification of major bottlenecks and opportunities for increased throughput
  • Capital expenditures optimization

Tabulated and Graphical Reporting

Following report categories are offered:


  • Availability is a performance indicator used to get the percentage of time a piece of equipment (or the complete production line) has been running over a specific period of time it was scheduled for. Other KPIs such as MTBF as well as MTTR are also displayed on this page.


  • Shrinkage is defined as loss of products between two key pieces of equipment (example: filler and palletizer) and expressed in Volume or in Percentage. This report also provides information about shrinkage for individual pieces of equipment.


  • Throughput presents the quantity of product manufactured for a specific piece of equipment (example: filler) expressed in Volume or in number of “units” produced (example: containers).


  • Presents a summary of the previous three reports (Availability, Shrinkage and Throughput) for any past period of 8 hours.


  • OEE is a Key Performance Indicator based on availability, performance and quality.

LE2 DataFlow

Factory floor data is acquired from the manufacturing equipment PLCs and this information is then sent to a Data Concentrator where basic analysis and proper data-format conversions are performed. Resulting data is in turn sent to the Data Storage where the significant events are collected, crunched and stored in a database for real time display and future analysis.

On request from web clients such as personal computers, mobile devices and WiFi-enabled display units, the LE2 Report Server provides web reports utilizing the data residing in the database.

Excellence at work

Letico is a high technology Canadian company providing engineering services in factory automation, process control and systems integration.

We offer solutions that are cost effective in their implementation thus providing for speedy return on investment (ROI). Our systems target critical data for acquisition, analysis and reporting. Since 1981, we have solidified our expertise in this field by developing workable solutions for our valued clients in the Food and Beverage industries.

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