OEE 101

OEE 101

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) or one of the related terms, TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Productivity), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) or LM (Lean Manufacturing), is now the key discipline in many successful factories and manufacturing plants. Industrial Automation provides the ability to measure performance precisely without need for human data entry. Packaging Line Monitoring software can then analyze and display this information to support the production staff as they work on improving performance.

Letico Packaging Analytics (“LPAc”), the Letico Line Management System, is a best-of-breed way of applying this approach. LPAc is a Web-based application that evaluates the performance of production lines and is appropriate in a wide variety of packaging industries. Real-time identification of machinery that is not achieving desirable standards is critical to efficient line operation. By analyzing the performance of production assets, managers and operators can improve line efficiencies and resolve process problems.

OEE is sometimes used as the name of a process that will merely produce summary performance measures for a packaging factory. This somewhat lightweight and superficial use of the term should not be confused with OEE as it can be applied when using a total manufacturing information system. The latter does provide the summary signals but more importantly it gives the detailed historical information that allows thorough diagnoses and improvement plans.

A packaging factory efficiency monitoring system should provide relevant reports to all packaging plant personnel and to managers. They then have the critical support they need to reduce unplanned downtime, increase line efficiency, track quality, reduce losses and seek and implement performance improvements. This is most simply achieved (as with LPAc) when, from the factory shop floor to the manager’s office, only a web browser is needed. The system should be fully flexible and user-friendly to allow modifications to setup and configuration data such as shift calendars and result limits.

The ideal efficiency monitoring system will be fully scaleable so that it can be applied either to a single line, a single packaging plant or to a group of packaging factories. Those supervising and managing many production facilities carry heavy responsibilities but also have major opportunities. A close review of production procedures, the standardization of working methods and the promotion of best practices will inevitably lead to a higher return on investment. With the right information tools monitoring equipment performance and plants’ output, senior managers can make the best strategic decisions, to effectively respond to customers’ demands, to gauge the impact of different options and to make better investment plans.

Contact Letico for more information on how an efficiency monitoring system can be implemented in your packaging factory. The references below give more information for those wishing to explore the concepts in greater depth.

References on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness):

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