Project Management

Letico has developed an expertise in project management which ensures successful, on-time and within-budget projects implementation. Our team is capable to co-operate with Client organizations and in many cases act as their “de facto” Engineering Department. With many of our Clients, such relationships have endured over many years and resulted in recognition of Letico as preferred supplier. It also provided Letico with awards of excellence received over the years.

Letico’s employees are fully versed in environmental and security aspects affecting factory operations. We bring total perspective to our projects and ensure that all environmental and safety aspects are handled effectively: the project is only complete when safe, secure and reliable operations are achieved.

Letico can participate in the following activities:

  • Project Definition
    • Functional Specifications
    • User Requirement Specifications
  • Project Risk Assessments
  • Application of latest industry standard
  • Coordination and scheduling
  • Cost Estimates and control
  • Documentation
    • Drawings
    • Manuals
  • Operations Support and Maintenance
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